Complementary Clinics


Helen Sangha BA (Hons) Pyschology, PG.Dip.Lis, MCLIP, Dip.Hyp, BSCH (Assoc).  Clinical Hypnotherapist.


tel: 01922 631077 Walsall



Hypnotherapy can be beneficial in a variety of areas including:


    Fertility problems                       HypnoBirthing


    Weight control                           Stop smoking


    Phobias & fears                         Insomnia


    Confidence & Self esteem         Unwanted habits


    Panic Attacks & Anxiety             IBS


    Stress management                   Exam, driving test & interview nerves


    Sports performance                   Performance anxiety


    Assertiveness                            Tinnitus


    OCD                                           Skin disorders


                 everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy.

   How can it help?

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