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Helen Sangha BA (Hons) Pyschology, PG.Dip.Lis, MCLIP, Dip.Hyp, BSCH (Assoc).  Clinical Hypnotherapist.


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Those who could benefit from more assertiveness, may experience being:

unheard and unappreciated

continually let down

taken for granted



Of course, this can have a strong affect on people’s self-esteem and general well being. Assertiveness, in essence, is expressing your rights, opinions, beliefs, emotions and desires in a calm yet self-assured manner. In order to do this, we must have a sense of confidence, be calm in a given situation, have awareness of what we want or need, and to value our self.


Learning how to express yourself calmly, confidently and assertively will allow you to:


* build better relationships

* gain more respect from those who are important to you

* get more of what you want when you want it

* take on more responsibility if you want it, offload some if you don’t

* resolve conflicts

* feel better about yourself

* empower you to achieve your goals


Hypnotherapy can quickly help you learn the steps that make people assertive opening all of the above opportunities.


Becoming more popular every year, assertiveness training has been used to help sales staff, trainers, customer service staff, nurses, the police and many others, as well as being valuable in everyday life.

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